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Feeder manufacturer inventory feeding speed
- Dec 13, 2018 -

With the rapid development of the stamping industry, the requirements for speed and precision are getting higher and higher, in order to meet the high-speed stamping, and to increase the competitive advantage of the feeder itself. Friends need to choose a high-speed and accurate feeder to enhance your production to improve product accuracy. In order to let everyone better understand the relevant knowledge, Xiao Bian specially sorted out the feeding speed of several common feeders as your reference.

        First, NC servo feeder:

        It adopts brand motor, imported precision servo system from Japan, and has stable performance and high feeding precision. Under the premise that the mold has positioning pin, the feeding precision is ±0.05mm. In terms of feed speed, its fastest speed can reach 125m/min. This accuracy can be maintained at such speeds and is indeed the first choice for your NC servo feeder.

        Second, the air feeder:

       The feeder is the earliest feeder used in the stamping industry. It is mainly used for the acceptance of stamping products with low speed and low precision. The air feeder feed speed is relatively slow, and the feeding accuracy is not high, so it is gradually eliminated, but it is simple and affordable.

        Third, high speed roller feeder:

        The feeder has a simple and economical structure, and the failure rate is low and the maintenance is easy. The feeding accuracy is very high, the precision can reach ±0.01mm in the case of a guide pin, and the feeding speed can reach 30m/min in the case of a reverse device. The feeder has the advantages of high feeding precision, high speed, no additional energy supply, and extremely low failure rate, and has become the most widely available feeder.