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Feeder_High Speed Roller Feeder
- Dec 11, 2018 -

Advantages of high speed roller feeder applications

It is a powerful new equipment for high-speed stamping work, which can improve the quality and quantity of stamping products.

The special structure two-stage leveling, during the winding leveling process (head end ←→), no need to adjust the leveling again to ensure the same flatness. If the coil material is not leveled to eliminate stress, it is impossible to produce a good balance piece. Only when the coil material is leveled, stress can be achieved. After the machine is leveled, the material can be corrected to bend up or down. The shaft ends of the rollers on both sides of the roller are oil-free and non-lubricated, wear-resistant and free of oil or dirt. The transmission is controlled by a frequency converter (cycle control), which can synchronize the speed of the punching machine and smoothly feed the material.


Advantages of the high speed roller feeder:

1. High-speed roller feeder disc brake (general brake device) high-speed roller feeding

The advanced clutch is used to make the two sides of the film completely contact, with long life, good stability and high precision.

2. The high-speed roller feeder adopts hollow type, light weight and small rotary inertia, which can be stopped immediately to ensure the feeding accuracy. After heat treatment HRC60o hard chrome plating, it has high hardness, excellent wear resistance and long service life.

3, high-speed roller feeder one-way bearing roller feeder, embedded with super-hard alloy, and with roller bearings, sentence wear resistance, stability, high precision, long life. The gear is heat treated HRC60o and then precision grounded with high precision.

4, high-speed roller feeder reverse device high-speed roller feeder high-speed roller feeder structure and unidirectional device, can control the lower wheel quite accurately, long-term use will not make the bottom wheel have the slightest regression, stability and accuracy Quite high.

    The high-speed roller feeder does not cause the rear wheel to reverse due to the residual oil splashed during the stamping, and the transmission distance is not accurate. High-speed roller feeders are not easy to produce high-heat roller feeders. The high-speed roller feeder is equipped with super-hard alloys and rollers for easy wear. The high-speed roller feeder operates in a circular motion for the rollers without seizure. The friction is small, the required transmission torque is relatively reduced, and the transmission mechanism is less susceptible to damage. The reverse unit is equipped with a speed of up to 30 m/min, typically 20 m/min, which increases efficiency by 50%. Special structure increases the service life.