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Feeder after-sales value-added service creates a touch for customers
- Dec 17, 2018 -

There are such a group of people who are on call 24 hours a day, always working on the first line of stamping customers' production;

With such a group of people, they always put the interests of their customers first, and installed Long Geng's feeder equipment into the most beautiful production landscape of the customer's factory;

There are such a group of people who actively communicate during the installation, commissioning, maintenance and after-sales problems, carefully answer questions, come up with the most complete solutions, and add value to the customers' production.

They are the after-sales maintenance engineers of Fanty feeders. They are the connection hub between Fanty  machinery and customers, and use services to play the most important part of the value of automation products such as feeders. In their eyes, "after-sales service" is never as simple as installing the machine, repairing and feeding the feeder equipment, professional technology, efficient service is only the most basic requirement, and truly thinking about solving problems from the customer's point of view. Creating value and maximizing the interests of customers is the ultimate pursuit.