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Difference for the feeders
- Nov 19, 2018 -

1. Air feeder: This is the earliest feeding equipment used in the stamping industry to realize automatic production with the use of punching machine. It is powered by external air source (8C and 8C air feeder with its own cylinder), through the cylinder clamp Tight material, the floating rod is pressed down by the floating rod to realize the feeding, and the feeding step and time are adjusted by the degree of the floating rod pressing the cylinder. The air feeder has the lowest price among the three punch feeders. If the precision of the stamping product is not high, the punch feeder model can be considered, but pay special attention to the air feeder failure rate is relatively high, in actual use. Need to be maintained.

2, Roller feeder: This is currently the most used feeder with the punching machine, its price is higher than the air feeder but lower than the NC servo feeder, is the most cost-effective model of these three punch feeder, it itself Without power, it is powered by an eccentric disk mounted on the output shaft of the punching machine. The feeding step is adjusted by the eccentricity of the eccentric disk. Therefore, the feeding step is limited to a maximum of 300 mm, and the matching punch must be There is an output shaft.

3, NC servo feeder: This is a punching machine with the highest degree of automation, the widest range of use, the best feeding accuracy and the easiest operation. It can feed the air feeder up to 10m. The wide material and thick material that can not be transported by the roller feeder can be input on the touch screen by the setting of the feed step, speed and frequency. However, since the electronic control system is quite high-end and complicated, the price is also the highest.