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Correct use of the tool holder
- Nov 21, 2018 -

When the slender shaft is turned by the tool holder, the reason for the "bamboo shape" is that the contact pressure between the support claw and the workpiece is too large.

The correct way to use the tool holder is:

(1) The distance between the supporting position of the supporting claw on the machined surface and the cutter is within 10 mm.

(2), control the amount of back-to-back knife, can remove the hair residue in the entire axial length, leaving no black spots and scars.

(3) In the order of back, down, and up, adjust the support claws slightly to the outer circle by means of hand feeling, ear hearing, visual inspection, etc., so that the claws maintain the same small gap and are free to move.

(4) Keep track of the contact of each supporting claw at a time and ensure good lubrication.