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Common problems of leveling machine
- Nov 19, 2018 -

The longevity of the precision leveling machine, in addition to the manufacturer's production quality problems, depends largely on the user's operation and maintenance of the machine. Many precision leveling machines will encounter some problems during use. Let me introduce the common problems and solutions of precision leveling machines.

    1, failure: power failure

    Solution: Recheck the power supply to ensure that the power supply voltage matches the rated voltage of the machine.

    Usual maintenance: Regularly check if the wire is aging and need to be replaced, check if the terminal is off, and clean the dust inside the box.

    2, fault: inverter alarm

    Solution: Refer to the inverter manual for adjustment, and contact the factory for repair and replacement.

    Normal maintenance: Check if the inverter terminals are loose and clean the surface of the inverter.

    3, fault: there is material stuck in the drum can not move

    Solution: Loosen the adjustment handwheel to remove the material

    Note: The material cannot be pressed too tightly during adjustment. Materials beyond the flattening range of the machine are prohibited from being leveled on the machine.

    4, failure: the sprocket or gear has slip

    Solution: Re-fix the sprocket gear. If the wear is serious, please contact the manufacturer to replace it.

    Daily maintenance: Check the surface of the sprocket, chain, gear and other lubricants every week, and clean the surface and lubricate in time.

    5, fault: motor or reducer is abnormal

    Solution: Repair or replace the motor reducer

    Usual maintenance: Check the motor every month for abnormal sounds, if there is no hot, check if the reducer oil is enough, and you need to replace the oil one year.