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CNC feeder definition and main functions
- Nov 20, 2018 -

Punching CNC feeding machine is an electromechanical integration automation equipment. It is a special auxiliary machine that can be matched with ordinary punching machine, deep throat punching machine or gantry punching machine. It is widely used in screen, canning, machinery, electrical, instrument, hardware and other industries. Stamping processing.

    Feeder This equipment is equipped with color display, industrial grade computer controller for harsh environment, multi-channel input and output interface, high torque motor, high reliability drive, precision ball screw, high performance linear rolling guide, which can meet various stamping processes. Claim. It adopts ISO international standard NC code programming, simple programming, easy to learn, has the software function to meet various stamping processing, can automatically process the AutoCAD graphics to generate the machining program, thus realizing the automatic programming in the true sense, which can adapt to different Industry needs.

The main functions of this machine:

1. Two-axis linkage, digital control of independent two-dimensional coordinate motion.

2. The drive and locking of the precision lead screw controlled by the servo motor.

3. Manual fast, slow movement and incremental movement can be performed simultaneously.

4. Mixed programming of absolute coordinates and relative coordinates.

5. The screw backlash software compensation.

6, decimal data input.

7, using ISO international standard CNC code programming.

8. Edit functions such as calling, modifying, deleting, and inserting.

9, dry run self-diagnosis, error program display.

10. Overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating, and phase protection.

11. The breakpoint continues the processing function.

12. CAD graphics are automatically converted to machining code.

13, can control the closing and opening of the punch.