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China's mold industry needs machine tool enterprise support
- Dec 19, 2018 -

China's mold industry has developed to this day and has achieved extraordinary achievements. With the rapid development of China's economy, industrial production needs more high-quality, multi-variety molds. Faced with such a huge market, foreign machine tool manufacturers have long been "looking at them." However, in the face of the "invasion" of the strong, most of the domestic machine tool manufacturers are suspected of "disregarding".


In the end, the huge market for mold processing equipment is occupied by machine tool manufacturers in Japan, Europe and Taiwan.


Although there are many factors that have led to this situation, it is an indisputable fact that the big cake is divided. How to “recapture” the market is a question that domestic machine tool manufacturers think about!


The mold market is "tempting and difficult"


In 2004, China's mold output value (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan data) was 53 billion yuan, an increase of 17.8% over the previous year. The export value of molds was 491 million US dollars, an increase of 45.7% over the previous year (both have exceeded the 10th Five-Year Plan 2005). The annual output value is 49 billion yuan and the target of exporting 300 million US dollars). The import value was 1.813 billion US dollars, an increase of 32.4% over the previous year, and the foreign trade deficit of molds reached 1.322 billion US dollars. In 2005, the growth rate of China's mold market was also above 15%. That is to say, the total output value of China's molds in 2005 is likely to exceed 60 billion yuan.


In a period of time, the mold industry's demand for mold processing equipment mainly includes the following varieties: CNC machining center, CNC milling and CNC copy milling machine, EDM machine, wire cutting machine, coordinate grinding machine, coordinate boring machine, boring and milling machine, forming grinding machine , optical curve grinder, band sawing machine, deep hole drilling, electrode processing machine, engraving machine, polishing machine, mold clamping machine, three coordinate measuring machine, scanner, mold standard parts processing machine, high performance heat treatment equipment, rapid prototyping equipment, Various tools and sharpeners, mold CAD, CAM, CAE, PDM and other software, computer workstations and microcomputers.


The huge mold market has injected new vitality into related industries, especially the development of the machine tool industry, and put forward higher requirements for machine tool technology.


With the continuous development of advanced technologies such as concurrent engineering and reverse engineering in mold processing, mold processing has proposed digital transfer conversion, multi-axis linkage, high precision, high efficiency, high flexibility, automation and other requirements for CNC machine; High efficiency, low loss, high precision, mirror processing, EDM CNC milling and machining center requirements are put forward for electric machining equipment; high precision and high speed are proposed for the three coordinate measuring machine (measured in a certain time) ), easy to operate, with 3D scanning digital system, low-voltage contact and non-contact measurement, high flexibility and on-line measurement in the field, strong software functions. In short, mold processing equipment should enable mold companies to achieve high precision, high efficiency, high flexibility and even automated processing and try to meet the requirements of high quality, low cost, long life and short cycle of mold manufacturing.