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Brief introduction of Feeding machine
- Sep 21, 2018 -

The feeder is a machine that uses the force of the machine motion to move the material to the material.

Feeder is an indispensable equipment for light industry and heavy industry. The practical application of feeder shows that selecting reasonable AC servo system can meet the requirement of fast response speed and high precision of control system, and the accuracy of position control is the highest in ±0.1mm and can avoid accumulative error.

The control system can be used in the production of high-precision cold-formed section steel products, especially the products similar to the shelves column, that is, on the cold-formed forming line, on-line pre-punching with high-precision hole position in the cold-forming section. The AC servo system can achieve high position control accuracy in the cold bending forming production line of the shelves, and the on-line pre-punching mode and the hydraulic stop-shear mode can be used independently, such as the production process of shelf-beam without on-line pre-punching mode.