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Automatic feeder sharing
- Nov 21, 2018 -

The automatic feeder has a sturdy construction: with minimal wear, high-precision feed feed on the mold closest to the stamping position when used for feeding thinner, thanks to the powerful front and rear damper running calm air consumption Less easy to install.

     1. Feeder high efficiency: The maximum speed per minute is 60 times.

     2, the feeder high output: can be carried out multiple shifts, calculated at 60 ° angle, each shift can save 7% of material, when the wafer size is not equal, the arrangement angle can be changed according to the material width, Provide material utilization.

     3. High precision of the feeder: In the continuous stamping process, the minimum distance between the sides and the side can be set within 0.5mm, and the movement error can be guaranteed within ±0.08mm.