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Automatic feeder cutting line
- Jan 09, 2019 -

The automatic feeder shearing production line is mainly used for shearing and rolling the roll into a sheet-like plate, which consists of six processes of unwinding, leveling, feeding, shearing, conveying and dip, among which  heavy materials The rack is used for the unwinding of the material roll, the medium (thick) board leveling machine (actually selected according to the material thickness) is used for the leveling of the material, and the Jinzhide NC feeder is used for the stepping feeding of the shearing equipment. The shearing machine is used to cut the sheet into sheets, the conveyor belt is used for the conveyance of the sheet after cutting, the material table is used for stacking the sheets, and the six equipments cooperate with each other to realize fully automated cutting and cutting operations. .

Automatic feeder cutting line

The rolling hoist is placed by the driving or forklift into the  hydraulic heavy-duty material frame expansion and contraction reel (the trolley type is placed on the V-type pallet of the trolley, and the loading is carried out by the trolley), and the heavy duty is started. The material frame is stretched and shrunk, the material roll is tightened, and then the material frame motor is turned, the material head is rotated to the upper right position, and the pneumatic pressure arm is pressed down on the surface of the material roll, and then the tape is loosened. Take the bag, and then slowly pull the material to slowly pull it out to let it enter the middle (thick) plate leveling machine. At this time, the heavy material frame completes the loading and feeding operations.

After the material head is introduced into the leveling machine, the upper drum of the leveling machine is pressed down, the material frame is powered off, and then the material is moved by the Jinzhide middle (thick) plate leveling machine, and the material is adjusted several times according to the thickness of the material. The degree of depression of the flat roller has achieved a good leveling effect, and then the material that has been leveled by the leveler is introduced into the NC feeder.

The material entering the NC feeder is first controlled by the control handle to control the material conveying, the shearing machine is started to cut the material, and then the feeding length and number of plates are set on the touch screen of the NC feeder vertical electric control box. According to the thickness of the plate, set the number of the pallets, and then clear the pick-up counter; then press the “auto-start” button of the NC feeder, the system will start feeding automatically, and the length of the feed will reach the set feed step. , automatic cutting; the cut sheet is conveyed to the loading table through the conveyor.

400 wide feeder cutting production line

After the sheet falls to the table, the material is longitudinally fed, and then the horizontal direction is used to place the steel sheets neatly. The material level detection is provided at the front end of the material table. When the stack height reaches the set value, the material table automatically drops. When the number of sheets of the seesaw reaches the set value, the automatic feeding stops, and the operator is required to hang the plate on the pallet, the picking counter is cleared, and the automatic circulation is entered to realize fully automated cutting production.