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Application of inverted pull press feeder
- Jan 16, 2019 -

The punch feeder is an automatic device that replaces the manual manual feed for the punch. In the conventional cognition, the feeder feeds the feed of the punch, that is, from left to right or from front to back. Only when stamping some very thin materials, the material will be very soft and have certain ductility. At this time, if the normal push feeding mode is still used, the material tends to bend during the feeding process, forming an arch, which causes the feeding to be inaccurate. And ultimately affect the quality of the finished stamping, and easy to mold damage, how to solve this situation? At this point, the feeder can be installed in reverse pull.

The air feeder, roller feeder and NC servo feeder commonly used in the stamping industry can be converted into reverse pull type. Of course, the installation of the pull-up type has the preconditions:

1. The tailings and finished products after thin material stamping are not broken. If it is broken, the inverted pull type punch feeder cannot be used, only by adding a guiding device between the normally installed feeder discharge port and the mold. To reduce the bending of the material.

One get one pull air feeder

2. For the roller feeder and the mechanical NC feeder, especially the roller feeder, it not only needs to install the loose rod on the table on the slider of the punch but also needs to be powered by the output shaft, if the punch output shaft It can't be installed on the side of the feed port. At the same time, the press is fed from front to back in many occasions. The pull material needs to be moved from the back to the front. At this time, the loose rod cannot be installed, so the mechanical NC feeder cannot be used.

Rewinding NC feeder

It is precisely because the roller feeder and the mechanical NC feeder are subject to installation restrictions. Therefore, most of the materials used in the drawing are the Jinzhide air feeder and the pneumatic NC feeder. The modification is also very easy, and the air feeder only needs to be replaced. A gas exchange valve can be used, the pneumatic NC feeder almost does not need to make any changes, but as the stamping industry has higher requirements for precision and stability of the stamping products, the air feeder is far from enough to meet the needs of customers. Therefore, the pneumatic NC feeder has become the reversing feeding device selected by the stamping industry.