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Air feeder with solenoid valve
- Dec 03, 2018 -

The standard model of the air feeder is that the feeding time is controlled by a floating rod. The feeding slider is installed on the punching slider. When the punching slider drives the feeding rod to press the floating rod to a certain extent, the feeding machine starts feeding, if the punching stroke If it is too short or the feeding length is long, the use of the floating rod to control the feeding time will appear too late, resulting in the phenomenon that the feeder is not in place. In this case, the feeding solenoid valve should be installed to control the feeding time, because the solenoid valve is used to control the feeding. In time, the feeding angle can be adjusted arbitrarily.

First, air feeder standard machine installed feeding solenoid valve required accessories: instead of floating rod plug one, five-way solenoid valve (according to the punch power supply can choose 220V, 110V, 24V), internal teeth tee One, the outer teeth are straight through two quick joints, the trachea is 300mm, the double core line is 5 meters long, the waterproof sealant is one, the solenoid valve plug is one, the outer teeth are straight through two, such as the punch without the cam set, and the micro switch is needed. , and a cam piece, as well as a set of fixed micro-switch brackets, specific accessories models can consult Long Gengyi Machinery Equipment Company.

Second, the feeder solenoid valve combination installation:

1. Install the middle hole of the three holes of the solenoid valve through the outer teeth, and plug the B hole with the plug screw. The A hole is equipped with an external tooth straight through the quick joint.

2. Fold down the air supply connector of the air feeder and install the inner teeth tee. Then install the two outer teeth directly into the other two teeth of the other three teeth, and then attach them to the air inlet of the air feeder. Upper solenoid valve.

3. Replace the floating rod plug with the external joint quick joint, then install it into the original place of the floating rod, insert the end of the trachea into the quick joint of the plug outer teeth, and insert the other end of the trachea into the outer joint of the electromagnetic front valve. Where.

4. Then connect the two core wires to the two terminals of the solenoid valve, one core is connected to one terminal of the punching cam micro switch, and the other terminal is connected to the zero line of the power supply. Then the other core wire on the solenoid valve is directly connected to the power line of the power supply.

5. Finally adjust the cam angle to make the feeding time suitable for stamping production.