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Advantages and disadvantages of each of the three commonly used punch feeders
- Dec 25, 2018 -

There are various types of punching machines, and the processed products are different. Therefore, a large number of matching punch feeder equipment models have been born, and the models with the most customers and the widest range of applications are Air feeder, high-speed roller feeder and NC servo feeder are the three models. Most of the stamping customers usually choose one of these three models. For this reason, Fanty Machinery will explain this in detail. The advantages and disadvantages of each of the three common punch feeders.

1. Air Feeder: Also known as pneumatic feeder, it is the earliest type of feeder used in the stamping industry. It uses the external air source as the power, uses the moving splint to clamp the material strip, and the cylinder pushes the step to complete the stepping. Punching feeding action (similar to the principle of push-pull and exhaust of the syringe), the current Jinzhide air feeder is mainly used for press processing where the low speed and feeding accuracy are not high.

Air feeder production

Advantages: Low price, many optional devices are available (E-type, R-type solenoid valves), which can realize the automatic operation of the punching machine with minimal investment.

Air feeder use

Disadvantages: the feeding speed is not fast, the precision is not high, the failure rate is high (very easy to affect the feeding accuracy due to the O-ring damage), the need for diligent maintenance (on the three-point combination of the machine), the operator's operation skills have certain requirements .

Second, high-speed roller feeder: also known as mechanical feeder, is currently the most purchased models of stamping customers, through a series of transmissions (eccentric disc, cross joint, connecting rod, rocker arm, drive shaft, one-way The device transmits the power of the output shaft of the punching machine to realize the feeding of the feeding roller (similar to the principle of grinding the tofu by folk stone grinding disc), without consuming external energy consumption, high speed, high precision, and extremely low failure rate, suitable for various punch press processing. Occasionally, but limited by the driving principle, the applicable material width, material thickness and feeding length have the maximum limit. At the same time, there is a certain requirement for the installation of the punching machine (requires the punching machine to have the output shaft). Please contact Jinzhide technician to determine whether it is purchased or not. Suitable for installation.

Roller feeder assembly

Advantages: The most cost-effective models, no energy consumption, fast speed, high precision, and extremely low failure rate.

Roller feeder

Disadvantages: limited installation (requires punching machine with output shaft, many punches are not available), limited application range (maximum applicable material material width 700mm, material thickness 3.5mm, feeding length 300mm), adjustment of feeding length of punch feeder after changing the mold (It is necessary to adjust the yaw amplitude of the eccentric disk mounted on the output shaft), and the degree of customization is not high.

Third, NC servo feeder: also known as CNC feeder, NC feeder, is the use of a full set of CNC system (Mitsubishi PLC, Mitsubishi servo motor and 7-inch touch screen) to drive the feeding roller to achieve accurate feeding model, the setting of feeding parameters ( Length, speed, and number of times can be easily set on the touch screen. The length of the feed is not limited. At the same time, the multi-stage feeder can be used. The feeder is the most widely used and has the highest feeding accuracy. It is ±0.02mm), the best stability, the easiest operation and commissioning, and the most customized punching machine.

NC servo feeder production

Advantages: The servo feeding precision is extremely high, with multi-stage, long-step feeding function, the operation and debugging is extremely simple, and the customization is extremely high (various thick plates and yaw type), especially suitable for precision machining occasions.

NC servo feeder use

Disadvantages: The cost of the model is higher, and the feeding speed cannot be too fast (the response time of the servo system).