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Adjustment of feeding time of common feeder
- Dec 05, 2018 -

The feeding time of the punch feeder can be adjusted. The professional feeder manufacturer Long Geng Machinery will adjust the feeding time of the feeder to the punching machine at 9 (270 degrees) when the punch feeder is installed. 3 (90 degrees) At the end of the hour, the feeding time can basically meet the needs of most stamping products, but according to different products and stamping speed, it is necessary to adjust the feeding time appropriately. The following Long Geng Machinery is for high-speed roller feeder and NC feeding. How to adjust the three most commonly used feeders, air and air feeders.

1. The feeding time adjustment of the high-speed roller feeder is adjusted. The high-speed roller feeder adjusts the feeding time by adjusting the position of the eccentric disk connected with the punching machine. A simple method is to run the punching machine until the feeding angle is required, and then adjust the eccentric disk. The screw on the scale ring is in line with the pull rod. As far as the scale ring is facing down or upwards, depending on the model of the punch and the model of the feeder, if the timing of the feeder is just the opposite when the scale ring is facing down, then Just put the scale ring up. (Note: The high-speed roller feeder needs 180 degrees to complete the feeding, that is to say, when the feeding time is adjusted to 260 degrees, the feeding is completed when the punching machine runs to 80 degrees, so the starting time of the high-speed roller feeder is 190. -350 degrees adjustment.)

    2. The feeding time of the NC control feeder is adjusted. The feeding time of the NC numerical control feeder is adjusted by the feeding signal line connecting the punching cam. The cam components are mechanical and electronic. If the mechanical type needs to open the cam group signal box, Find the cam connected to the NC signal feeder feed signal line, then adjust the cam angle, and adjust the time required to feed the signal to the signal. If it is an electronic cam, you need to input the punching time of the punching machine. The angle is ok. There is also a traditional punching machine that does not have a cam group signal. When installing an NC numerical control feeder, Long Geng will install a set of two cams on the brake brake shaft. One is the feed signal cam, one is the relaxation signal cam, plus two A micro switch, this type adjusts the feeding time, you need to find the cam of the feeding signal, then loosen the screw that fixes the two cams, and adjust the feeding cam to the time when you need to feed. Note: Relax the cam angle Don't change.

    3. The feeder timing of the air feeder is adjusted. The standard feeder feeding time adjustment of the air feeder is adjusted by pressing the floating rod. When the standard air feeder is installed, a guide plate is installed on the slider of the punching machine. The screw on the board presses the floating rod to control the feeding time. The floating rod is equivalent to a gas exchange switch. When the floating rod is pressed, the gas source is closed. When the air is raised to the apex, the air source is connected to the air feeder to feed. Adjusting the length of the screw on the guide plate can control the feeding time. The more the guide plate is lowered, the later the feeding time will be sent. (Note: When the punch is at the bottom dead center, the floating rod is pressed down about 10 -15mm). There is also an air feeder feeding time controlled by the addition of a solenoid valve, and the air feeder timing adjustment of the addition of the solenoid valve is consistent with the adjustment method of the NC numerical controller.