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3 in 1 feeder selection skills
- Dec 13, 2018 -

How to choose a three-in-one punch feeder has become one of the problems of today's consumers. There are many manufacturers of feeders in the Chinese market, but the quality is uneven, the fish and dragons are mixed, and they do not know their own needs, blindly purchase, In order to control the cost, many customers use the price of the feeder as the standard of purchase. The result is that they only see the immediate interests and miss the long-term development. When the problem of the feeder is constant, they regret it. The Kunshan feeder manufacturer feeds the three-in-one punch. The professional manufacturer in the field of machinery has been focusing on the development and production experience of feeders for many years and has accumulated many years of application solutions, giving some suggestions to consumers who are now ready to purchase three-in-one punch feeders.

First, identify your actual needs.

It is important to clarify the actual needs of the company, which is also to pave the way for the most suitable feeder.

First, we must first understand the stamping materials, to understand the material, width, thickness of the stamping materials and the use of the punching machine, but also to understand the speed of the punching machine, whether there is a guiding pin, whether there is an output shaft, precision requirements of stamping products. What is the ideal feeding speed of the feeder, how much the feeding step is, whether the step needs to be changed frequently, and the feeding machine is selected according to its own needs, so that the stamping production can achieve the maximum benefit.

Second, according to the actual economic situation, do not blindly pursue the price of cheap, cheap is not good, many consumers take the price as the standard of purchase, often the result of buying back the machine has many problems, which not only did not create good Economic benefits, but also a lot of unnecessary troubles and burdens, and do not blindly pursue the latest or most expensive equipment, these may not be suitable for each consumer, the most important thing is to buy according to their actual needs.

Second, choose a good feeder manufacturer

Choosing a good feeder manufacturer is very good for the quality of the machine itself and the subsequent service, which invisibly creates good economic benefits for the enterprise.

Regardless of the quality of the machine, there will be mechanical failures one day. Any equipment can't fail, it's just the frequency of faults. When there is a mechanical problem, the after-sales service is very important for the feeder equipment. When the feeder fails, it is the key to ensure the long-term stable use of the equipment. Therefore, we must choose the manufacturer that can guarantee the high-quality after-sales service. The specific method: You can inspect one or two companies that are using the manufacturer. The manufacturer of the feeder equipment, to understand the use of the feeder at a close distance, and to understand the production and use of the feeder and the after-sales service.

The popularity of the Internet allows consumers to know what they want without leaving home. Buying feeders can also find many manufacturers on the Internet, which brings great convenience to customers to purchase feeders. Customers can choose brand reputation through the network. High-quality, reliable quality feeder manufacturers, but we can not blindly believe in the promotion on the network, we can learn about the performance of several brands of high-quality, reliable quality feeder manufacturers, and sales with the company Conduct in-depth communication with the designers, conduct a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturers, and try to select enterprises with reasonable prices, excellent quality and high brand reputation. Visit the manufacturer's production workshop, because the production process can also reflect the technical level and product quality of the enterprise, which is the side proof of the strength and product quality of the feeder.

The final contract must be accompanied by detailed configuration and actual pictures.

Many feeders have low matching and high matching. For example, our common NC feeders and electrical components are different. The price difference of the touch screen is very different. When signing the contract, special attention should be paid to the contract of some manufacturers. The configuration in the place is not specified and the unilateral breach of contract, with a low distribution feeder to shoddy, thus causing unnecessary losses to you, must confirm the picture of the feeder and internal electrical appliances, feeding capacity, system configuration when signing the contract, Avoid being fooled.